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Apply to the FZ Accelerator

For startups raising from 25k - 250k
or entering a new market

Develop your playbook for building a massively scalable impact tech venture. If you're not sure where you play, who you sell to, and who your funders are, find your path here. 

Applications are open

Startups Ignite's Social Impact Accelerator is now accepting applications from U.S. based startups for its 2023 cohort.


The program will be conducted virtually, with in-person networking opportunities available in the Greater Washington DC area.

The 2023 cohort will be closed once we have 24 social impact startups enrolled.


We are seeking founders who aspire to rapidly scale their social impact technology startups within a one-year timeframe.

Strategy Track - This intense early-stage accelerator focuses on the most challenging aspect of starting a business: transitioning from the conceptual phase to securing the first round of funding or generating revenue.

Impact Tech Startup Community


Develop One Pager, Overview of Impact / ESG, Meet the Community.

Presenting Stakeholder Value


Validate your market entry ideas, and solution ideas. Gauge market interest, and pitch potential investors and customers.

Social Innovation Design


Get help to do market research, design your team, align impact to stakeholder value.

Decide on, and take your next step


Target your next accelerator and or funders, refine your pitch, develop assets, and submit applications.

Systems Thinking & Interviewing Stakeholders


Understand the system in which you will make impact, interview stakeholders to find a specific path for your startup.

We select teams for video interviews on a rolling basis, with every 4 accepted startups we kick off a “startup pod”. Startups in a pod are paired based on their enrollment type and date of acceptance. There are limited seats available, so apply early.

You will be assigned a program coach and lead mentor who will provide you with tailored advice and support throughout the program and you will be part of a digital group with a weekly touchpoint with your peer accountability group, and startup expert community. We facilitate networking and provide access to a wide range of resources to help you succeed.

If you successfully complete the MVP validation, you will be eligible to pitch at our annual in-person demo day, where you can showcase your product to a diverse group of investors, industry experts, and potential partners.

Our accelerator is more than just a program; it's a community that supports founders long after the program ends. We continue to provide ongoing support and resources to all members of our community, helping them tackle challenges and achieve their goals. 

Growth Track - a rigorous startup-accelerator with multiple innovation sprints (Applications open in Sep). More details on this program are coming nearer to application date.

Challenges we get behind.


The best fit for our cohorts are impact tech with a focus on software, hardware, data, and emerging technologies to rapidly build and scale adoption.

​Climate and Sustainability

  • Solving problems around

    • Energy poverty

    • Climate awareness

    • Carbon offsetting

    • Supply chain intelligence

    • Ethical and sustainable sourcing

    • Circular economy

Human Empowerment

  • Solving problems around

    • Social Inclusion

    • Economic Equality

    • Crime Prevention

    • Human rights

    • Safe Spaces

    • Public Health

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