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Growth Track

For startups raising from 250k to 2M

Build out repeatable operations and tactics for scaling your impact tech startup. If you are pretty sure about where you play, who you sell to, and a good idea of your fundability, accelerate your path here. 

Applications open in summer

Startups Ignite's Social Impact Accelerator Growth Track will start accepting applications from U.S. based startups for its 2023 Cohorts early summer.


The program will be conducted virtually, with in-person networking opportunities available in the Greater Washington DC area.

The 2023 cohort will be closed once we have12 social impact startups in the cohort.


We are seeking founders who aspire to rapidly scale their social impact technology startups within a one-year timeframe.

Growth Track - a rigorous startup-accelerator with multiple innovation sprints, you can choose to focus on more areas than others dependent on your progress and gaps. 

Innovation Sprint


Run a design sprint, rapidly brainstorm, design, and test new features, or pivot your tech to meet an social impact need.

Fundraising strategy


Chart your fundraising path, gain literacy on the process, learn strategic communications, develop an exit goal, and structure a funding proposal.

Social Impact Pilots


Measure your social impact, align with ESG goals, identify and develop project pitches for pilot opportunities.

Branding Essentials


Develop your startup's initial branding, connect your vision and mission to a brand promise that resonates with stakeholders.

Founder Influence


Build your personal digital presence, develop thought leadership and influence as a startup leader.

Prep for funding


Put together your investment package and data room, practice strategic communications, gather feedback, iterate on your pitch, and start executing your funding strategy.

Developing Traction


Develop and test run an operational marketing and or sales pipeline strategy, develop messaging, build the materials, and receive tactical training.

Defensibility and Scalability


Build advanced strategies for an competitive advantage through IP and product roadmapping.

Demo Day


Pitch to funders, customers, and advisors during the demo day. Start executing your fundraising strategy.

We select teams for video interviews on a rolling basis, with every 4 accepted startups we kick off a “startup pod”. Startups in a pod are paired based on their enrollment type and date of acceptance. There are limited seats available, so apply early.

You will be assigned an innovation coach, lead mentor, and advisors who will provide you with support throughout the program. In addition, you will be a mastermind group. As you progress through the milestones, we matchmake you to resources for funding (investments and grants), and pilot partners in your impact space.  

We work as a partner to help you build the foundations of a scalable impact company, this is an equity program and the goal is for you to raise 250k-2M in funding. 

We will only accept 12 startups this year, and we expect to close seats within a few weeks of opening the applications, so be sure to get on the list for notifications and apply early. 

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