At the core of Startups Ignite is our Venture Mentor community. Our community would not exist but for the contributions and dedication of the individuals listed below.

Our mission is to foster startup communities, creating programs for the success of the founders and their ventures whom we support. We enable professionals around the world to volunteer as mentors to founders...  Read full Code of Conduct

Tim Winkler

Founder & CEO

hatch I.T.

We're really effective at building engineering teams for software product startups. We provide creative recruiting solutions tailored to startups, and connect the local engineering community with startups that are hiring. We offer support in areas of culture buildout & human resources, and provide hands-on fractional CTO support to early-stage startups.


Ray Piluso


QualBlazer, LLC

Led cross-functional teams that collaborated as a focused unit to achieve aggressive business goals and drive the evolution of concepts into achievable business strategies.
Able to drive revenue by effectively managing general operations and delivery processes with close attention to budgets, schedule, customer specifications, and quality.
Identified and capitalized on new growth opportunities through market analysis, product / brand development, and keen business instincts.
Developed and implemented strategies to increase corporate market share and profitability.
Expert in building productive team relationships both internal and with partner alliances.


Amu Fowler

Executive Director

Startups Ignite

I love helping startup founders figure out their why + I am single-mindedly focused on this region's startup ecosytem.


Jeremy Snyder

Managing Director

Entiviti LLC

To build connections with interesting companies.


Kevin Ringham


Tiger Team Consulting

Being a mentor is very rewarding - I get to work with highly motivated founders while leveraging my experience, and see tangible outcomes over short periods of time. And the more I do it, the more I learn too!


Mike Olex


MBO Services

I enjoy sharing my expertise with entrepreneurs attempting to launch thier ideas. Hearing the many product ideas developed by Startups Ignite's clients and making contributions to thier commercialization helps keep me professionally active. I hope to be able to say that I played a minor role in helping an idea become a company.


Shiva Thirumazhusai

Founder and CEO

Nasotech LLC

I have been doing it for 30 years, I love working with young professionals (highschool) especially, I really enjoy seeing new concepts emerge.


Mari Ganapathy

Investment Advisor

Samatva Wealth Management

Gain new domain knowledge from wide ranges new areas and networking with founders


Anthony Cammarata


Startupcannon Inc.

At Optoro I helped the company scale by running the finance and accounting function, and cross-functionally working with business development and tech development to figure out how to build processes that would scale as the business grew.


Robin Dvorak


Blue Egg

I help companies develop differentiated value propositions, identify target audiences, build strategic marketing plans and develop and execute tactical programs that connect to business objectives. I help companies evaluate and implement marketing technologies that enable better connection with customers and tracking of key performance indicators, and that can grow with them. I help companies identify strategic opportunities with investors, partners, channels, customers and acquirers.


Aaron Enatsky

Partner, Lawyer

Hubbs, Enatsky & Auito

I want to help startups understand the legal challenges they may face and help them think through and address the legal issues.


John Yu


Office Evolution

Being a mentor keeps me engaged with the startup community and allows me to help entrepreneurs who have similar passion. Additionally, it helps me to network with other business leaders and entrepreneurs in the community.


Larry Cynkins

Consulting CTO


I've been in enough startup situations now, at varying levels of success and failure, that I feel I can truly have a positive impact on newly emerging startups. Plus, startups are fun and stimulating.


Mike Ravenscroft



What I really love is getting into the weeds with entrepreneurs and working with them to test assumptions, understand customer pain points, get educated on their target market, and figure out what questions they need to be asking. I'm eager to provide any support that I can to help foster entrepreneurship in the region and help early stage ventures grow their business.


Suresh Harikrishnan


Stealth Startup

i love to contribute and help other startups.Also, hope to engage and interact with startups in Nova region.


Ganesh Tayi



I enjoy mentoring startups to create Strategic plan, define their Unique Selling Proposition, implement an effective Strategic marketing plan and build a robust Sales management system.


Olga Bukharina


Terraform Power (past) / It Is Easy Corporation (current)

I can provide advice on company valuation, modelling, pitch deck, operational and finance strategy, systems and tools. I have 8 years of experience in renewable energy industry to offer.


Lokesh Kumar

CoFounder & VP of tech

Startups are inherently risky and take a lot of mental and physical toll, when things are not going the way they were intended, and they never do. I think sharing my experiences with budding startup founders and helping with strategy is giving back to the community that has helped my team reach where we are.


Demetrios Sapounas

Technologist, Strategist, Innovator


I like working with entrepreneurs and I have been mentoring start-ups for a number of years. I enjoy it. I'd like to help start-ups grow and be successful.


Jonathan Altman

Tech Fellows Program

Capital One

I love helping startups grow, I have the experience, and want to give back.


Michael Mort

Managing Attorney

Argent Place Law

Entrepreneurs are going to save the world, and I want to help them do it. It seems SI is one of the many paths I can take to enable that mission.


Sandy Vasan

Managing Director

Innovation Partners

I like the energy and results-driven mentatlity at start-ups. Sharing my expertise within Startups Ignite allows me to give back to the local commnuity and also learn from them.


Tricia Ratliff

Chief Innovation Officer

Scaled Markets

The opportunity to contribute to the startup ecosystem and foster innovation in our region by supporting entrepreneurs.


Joshua Stacy


Affordable Marketing Lists

I'd like to be involved in helping folks build their dreams. A part of that is making sure they're not chasing foolish ideas, but a lot of it is around building a plan that makes sense. I didn't have much direction at all while I was building my empire and if I can help save folks get their business moving I would find that satisfying. As an accredited investor I'm also interested in finding new deals.


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