Spring Cohort 2018

Virginia, USA


Providing a skin care roadmap and regimen for individuals to achieve their skin goals through tele-consultations and online support.

Tiffany Markarian


Glowmode is the first brand I've ever launched. I have been a Skin Therapist for 15 years, working for some of the most successful spa and skincare brands in the world. Also, I have been in business development roles throughout my career, including opening a skin clinic in Northern Virginia as the Manager and Co-owner. Since I first began practicing, it was obvious to me that the current skincare experience- system in place is not set up to actually help people who have skin issues. The Glowmode concept is my answer to helping people achieve thier skin goals by first, changing the way they think about skincare from luxury service to self care service, second, curating their skin care experience.

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