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startup accelerator

Apply for the 90 day innovation program

Browser might take a moment to submit, so please wait until a confirmation text shows up before exiting page. 

Application will be complete when you fill in team member details. 

Let's start with some basic info. 

Next, please provide a high level overview of your startup.


Template: Acme Startup will provide solution X to customer Y and solve problem Z. We are at ___ stage, and have ___ fulltime founders, and need help in areas of ___. 

Tell us about the market need your startup will aim to solve. We believe this is very critical to building a successful venture, so please be as detailed as possible. 

First, what market or customer problem will your startup solve?


Template: I believe [customer segment] experiences [pain] when [situation] because [condition].

How does the customer solve that problem today?

Template: Currently [customer segment] have [these manual processes and/or competitor products] to solve the problem but these options are [issues with current solutions. time consuming, expensive, cause side effects etc.]. 

How will your startup solve the problem?


Template: We will solve the problem by [doing x] that helps alleviate [issues with current solution].

Where are you at right now?

What is a business goal you want to achieve in our program?


Examples: Proving the revenue model, testing a pivot, grow our users x% weekly. Please be as descriptive as you can.

What resources are you looking for to achieve your goal and grow faster?

Our accelerator takes product iteration and traction on a parallel track, right after market validation. We provide resources in development, growth, and operations so founders can focus on meeting metrics and growth their venture. 

Section logged... Please continue with team member details. 

Team member details.


Track Record

Team member info received, add another, or exit page if you are finished. 

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