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Apply for the 90 day innovation program

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Let's start with some basic info. 

Next, please provide a high level overview of your startup.


Template: Acme Startup will provide solution X to customer Y and solve problem Z. We are at ___ stage, and have ___ fulltime founders, and need help in areas of ___. 

Tell us about the market need your startup will aim to solve. We believe this is very critical to building a successful venture, so please be as detailed as possible. 

First, what market or customer problem will your startup solve?


Template: I believe [customer segment] experiences [pain] when [situation] because [condition].

How does the customer solve that problem today?

Template: Currently [customer segment] have [these manual processes and/or competitor products] to solve the problem but these options are [issues with current solutions. time consuming, expensive, cause side effects etc.]. 

How will your startup solve the problem?


Template: We will solve the problem by [doing x] that helps alleviate [issues with current solution].

Where are you at right now?

What is a business goal you want to achieve in our program?


Examples: Proving the revenue model, testing a pivot, grow our users x% weekly. Please be as descriptive as you can.

What resources are you looking for to achieve your goal and grow faster?

Our accelerator takes product iteration and traction on a parallel track, right after market validation. We provide resources in development, growth, and operations so founders can focus on meeting metrics and growth their venture. 

A regional startup accelerator program with a global focus backed by a community of mentors and supporters.

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