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Pivot or Persevere.

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

We're in this together!

Our mission is to help startups and entrepreneurs find the best resources, tips, and answers to their most pressing questions to take off their business. Our weekly virtual meet is an effort to keep the trend going by giving startup founders a platform to share their stories/startups and get valuable feedback from our community of seasoned mentors, consultants, and successful business owners.

In our Virtual Meet #07, we invited three promising startups: to participate and present their challenges and opportunities. Their questions themed around pivoting during the COVID-19 crisis were addressed by our participating mentors Demetrios Sapounas, Callye Keen, and Amu Fowler in addition to feedback and suggestions from the attending startup community via chat.

This virtual meet series is organized by our graduate and extended startup community. A big shout out to our 2019 cohort graduate crew who organized this session - Brandon Howard, Sud Luthra, and Fereshteh Aalamifar!

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