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Virtual Meet #6: Focus in Health

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Health Transformation Pushed By Crisis

Our Virtual Meet #6 focused on the transformation of a sector of our economy that is 16% of our GDP. It is in the eye of the storm during the COVID-19 crisis as we try to meet the urgent need for diagnostic testing and the substantial equipment, supplies, and treatments necessary for the influx of intensive care of COVID-19 patients in hospitals across the country. Health care delivery beyond the urgent needs required for COVID-19 has been transformed by a population that is staying at home yet requires health care.

We discussed COVID-19 funding for healthcare, COVID-19 innovation, a post-COVID healthcare ecosystem, and, finally, what Health IT startups are doing during the COVID-19 slowdown to maximize future opportunity.

Thank you to Panelists for providing insights and entrepreneurs for sharing your aspirations and challenges.

Eric Klos - Founder @DailyBreath

Lokesh Kumar - Co-founder

Reza Seifabadi Ph.D - Co-Founder @Pediametrix

Moderated by: Chris Bennett J.D. - Founder @T-I-L


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