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Virtual Meet #5: Making startup sales & outreach easier.

Josie Marshburn, the CEO of Sales Enablement Benchmark & Startups Ignite Mentor, takes us through tactical steps on the first conversation to build a relationship with a stakeholder. We focused primarily on the product sales conversation, but will also touched on relationship building. Why are we did this session? Most startups are pretty good at building things, but selling - that's where they usually hit their first wall. And we noticed that most founders end up talking about the thing they have built - instead of how what they built solves a problem and brings value to the person listening. Simply stated – the #1 thing a startup needs to succeed is customers. If you can make sales happen - the rest of the startup stuff... becomes much easier. (investment, team members, getting paid...)


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We meet on Saturdays at 10am (EST) over Zoom. Availability is limited so please sign up to request a private invitation.

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