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Fast Pitches Instant Feedback

Updated: Apr 7

This week's session we changed it up a bit from the usual expert session to hosting our first mini pitch competition with live real time voting and feedback from audience and mentors. We loved hearing all the pitches, and it was inspiring to see so many founders solving a diverse set of problems across various markets.

Pitch Lineup

  1. Koalaty Services

  2. Pay it Forward

  3. Prothymos Innovations

  4. Impaction

  5. Technology-Innovation-Law

  6. The Tuesday Company

  7. INVOKE Cloud

  8. Tipboxme

  9. Easy Move

  10. Quick Usability

Thank you to the Mentors for participating:

Josie Marshburn, Lokesh Kumar - Facilitated by Amu Fowler. Joined in by Shiva Thirumazhusai & Demetrios Sapounas.

Congratulations to the people's choice favorites.

First Place: TipBoxMe

Second Place: Technology Innovation Law

Third Place: Pay it Forward.


Join us for the next Session

We meet on Saturdays at 10am (EST) over Zoom. Availability is limited so please sign up to request a private invitation.

We can keep this effort going with your help!

Join the team dedicated to supporting startups through this crisis.

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