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Celebrate Startups and Innovation With Our Latest Cohort Founders at Demo Day 2019!

This time, we are proud to introduce our upcoming graduates, specializing in the digital health and experiential tech, from the 2019 Winter Cohort at the upcoming Demo Day on June 22nd, 2019 at Founders Hall, Arlington, Virginia.

Our cohort is powered by a community of startup founders, mentors, investors and business strategists where we unite in a single mission to help accelerate and fortify startups into scalable business ventures.

Our accelerator programs are particularly designed to allow startups grow and thrive in a competitive business landscape through startup sessions, skilled resources, industry experts, seasoned mentors and exclusive events where we let our startups pitch and learn from the best of the minds in tech sector.

Demo Day, as we call it, is a community-centric knowledge event. Our graduates from the Accelerator Program share their stories and make their pitches to the world and our veteran panelists at Demo Day to showcase their work, struggles, ideas and unique startup solutions. The event not just lets startups get their stories out but it also allows them to connect with who’s who in their niche.

We are excited to share these state-of-the-art startups and we hope each of these startups will help change the world for better.

Let’s meet our Winter Cohort …

1. PediaMetrix

Maryland, USA | | Twitter: @PediaMetrix

PediaMetrix enables at-home AI driven assessment and treatment of head malformations in young infants. Founded by Dr. Aalamifar Fereshteh, a PhD from the Johns Hopkins University, PediaMetrix features a mobile app that allows early detection and treatment of head malformations or flat head syndrome in newborns by allowing parents to take photos of their child’s head and upload them into the app for thorough analysis.

“At PediaMetrix we are developing a mobile app that empowers parents in management of flat head syndrome – a common condition affecting 30% of newborns.” Said Dr. Aalamifar, “I founded PediaMetrix out of personal experience as a mom.”

2. Citiskopes

Maryland, USA | | Twitter: @citiskopes

Citiskopes helps local events and cities engage and re-engage millennials to increase sales and brand recognition through immersive technology providing users unique and hyper-local enriching experiences. Citiskopes is the brainchild of Karina Vidal and Katherine Vidal – two passionate travelers who wish to bring unique local experiences to the millennials traveling without boundaries.

“Did you know last year millennials spent about 72 billion dollars traveling the US to find unique and enriching experiences? Well, destination marketing organizations know that. That’s why every single year they spend over a quarter million dollars attracting millennials.” quotes Katherine Vidal, “Citispokes is a destination marketing organization providing a marketplace for millennials to find unique local and immersive experiences.”

3. Easymove

Illinois, USA | | Twitter: @geteasymove

Easymove is a marketplace for on-demand local, reliable, low-cost full-service moving and delivery help for consumers, and a workforce for moving companies.

4. ResEssential

Virginia, USA | | Twitter: @resessential

ResEssential provides brands access to consumers at home through curated resident programming and experiences. With exclusive access to over 75 luxury multifamily apartment, condo, and single-family communities in the Mid-Atlantic region, ReEssential is seeking brand partners and new properties to join them.

"Did you know that a third of consumer-brand based chief marketing officers will be spending upwards of 50% of their marketing dollars towards experiential marketing in the next several years? ResEssential is pioneering a disruptive new way to bring these brand experiences right to the customer where they live by activating underutilized residential properties and spaces with brand driven programs and experiences that not only brings these spaces to life but also create the unique opportunity for brands to engage with their consumers and raise awareness.” shares Brandon Howard.

5. SkyKandy

Washington DC, USA | | Twitter: @skykandy

SkyKandy provides a mobile platform where pilots can connect and do what they love by renting locally owned aircrafts. Founded by Marc Watkins, SkyKandy applications allows pilots to fly more often without owning their own aircrafts and also lets aircraft owners make extra bucks by renting their jets to passionate and trained aviators.

“As a pilot I love flying to the beach and watching people look as small as ants from 5000 ft. in the air. It is a wonderful view. It still amazes me to this day that people can even do this. I am not the only person who loves to fly, there are also 500,000 pilots in the United States and 75% of those pilots don’t own their own aircraft.” Offers Marc Watkins, the CEO/Founder of SkyKandy. “SkyKandy is an aircraft marketplace for general aviation. We provide a service where aircraft owners can rent their aircraft to licensed and qualified pilots. Our mobile application is the best solution for trained pilots to do what they love in the most easy and convenient way.”

6. Mondosol

Norway, Europe | | Twitter: @mondosol

Reforming properties to provide authentic, enriching, and quality experiences for vacation travelers, and help owners increase value of their investments. Mondosol connects people to unique travel and learning experiences, at any price point, in many different cities.

7. Viv

Washington DC, USA | | Twitter: @vivspaces

Viv ships to small businesses all the elements needed to enjoy their own sustainable attractive workplace. It is a one stop shop that generate creative ideas, delivers supplies and even executes installations.

“Did you know that decorating your own workspace decreases your wellbeing and can make you up to 30% more productive? Well, I have 25 years of experience in corporate finance and productivity gains talk to me.” Explains, Valerie Navarre, “Viv is an app that makes you feel better at work.”

8. TipBoxMe

Virginia, USA | | Twitter: @tipboxme

At Tipboxme, we are digitizing loose change - making it easy to give and receive tips through a simple swipe on your phone. The application, designed with cutting-edge technologies, allows patrons to go cashless and pay tips right through their phones with just a couple of clicks.

“We’re fast becoming a cashless-society. As such situations like these get played out multiple times in our life when you just want to give just a couple of dollars to an usher or to a wallet but you cannot. Studies show 1 out of 4 Americans and 1 out of 3 millennials, does not carry any cash.” says Sudanshu Luthra, “At TipBoxMe, we are making tipping easy!”

9. Healing Playbook

Washington, D.C. USA |

Healing playbook will deliver your roadmap to recovery through on-going collaboration between patient and providers.

“As a physical therapist I have listened to numerous patients complain about their lack of information and knowledge they receive after surgery.” describes Natalie Davis, “Healing Playbook is an interactive platform that will allow the patients to receive the credible information they need during their phase of recovery.”

Want to know more? Register here for the Demo Day and become a part of our vibrant startup network.

Our Sponsor!

Our sponsor is the George Mason University Mason Enterprise Center of Fairfax - a platform that offers a unique combination of programs, services, and resources for entrepreneurs of all experience levels – aspiring, start-up and established.

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