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Meet our Spring Cohort of 2018

Announcing the Accelerate24 Spring Cohort Startups

Accelerating high-growth potential technology startup teams.

Startups Ignite is excited to announce our Accelerate24 Spring Cohort participants (14 startups selected from a pool of over 160 applicants), an exciting group of ventures solving diverse set of problems in various areas that impact real lives.

Accelerate24 is a mentorship-driven 90 day global accelerator based out of Tysons, VA. The SI philosophy is an all-inclusive, community-driven program built on the following foundational pillars – Innovation, Community, Entrepreneurship, Diversity.

Startups validate and scale business models by receiving knowledge, resources, and mentorship. The program eliminates barriers and moves participants forward to launch, grow, fund, and build defensible, scalable ventures.

Executive Director Amu Fowler says:  “

For the first time, we have included the whole Startups Ignite mentor community in selecting the startups we support for this spring cohort. Coming to a final selection of startups to accelerate through the Spring Cohort was a unique and all-hands effort at Startups Ignite. SI is very proud of the final selection for the Spring cohort – it being a community decision. Having the whole mentor community participate in the selection process enables various stages and categories of ventures to participate and it ensures we are supporting problem spaces and founders wherein the community has a passion to see thrive, and finally it increases the potential of network and growth opportunities for each startup in the program

Meet the startups participating in the SI Accelerate24 Spring Cohort.

  • Integral Mind – Providing an AI platform that understands human minds and the real-world contexts they create.

  • CyberTalents – Providing experienced, battle hardened Cybersecurity professionals for projects and positions resulting in high quality security talent placement.

  • JuneBrain – Providing a home monitoring device to enable providers with insights to help with early detection and treatment for multiple sclerosis patients.

  • GlowMode – Providing a skin care roadmap and regimen for individuals to achieve their skin goals through tele-consultations and online support.

  • PlaceTempo – Providing the best places to work or study for students and remote workers to improve their productivity.

  • GamerTrainer – Providing a platform to help aspiring pro gamers to get competition ready through one-on-one lessons from gaming experts.

  • Skyroll – Providing a carry-on luggage allowing business travelers to roll up their suits or dresses saving the hassle of checking luggage or wrinkling business wear.

  • TrustWire – Providing a legally compliant web-based encrypted file transfer solution for businesses where secure and reliable communication is mission critical.

  • Lifetagger – Providing a platform for businesses and users to tag a place with content and receive user generated, location relevant content.

  • gVolution – Providing in-game branding object placement powered by machine learning to engage game users and drive revenue for brands.

  • One City Entertainment – Providing a video competition platform to bring the storytelling back to hip-hop music.

  • Ridevert – Providing a new way to advertise through bicycle banners. Companies pay for advertisements on personal bikes and bikers get paid every mile they ride.

  • EventDone – Providing a platform to simplify events, increase participation, and make events meaningful.

Meet our regional ecosystem of innovation partners, sponsors, and mentors that support the success of this cohort:

The Venture Mentor Community is comprised of many individuals from various startups and enterprises tirelessly dedicating time, offering expertise, and opening their networks to help the startups in the program.

Office Evolution who is sponsoring and providing space for the Spring Cohort.

Patent Portfolio Builders who sponsors our community socials, and also provides IP expertise.

Red Blue Collective who helps our hardware startups with prototyping.

Startups Ignite startups_ignite |

Startups Ignite is a benefit corporation based in Virginia, whose mission is to foster startup communities, and to create programs for the success of the ventures whom they support.

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