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Marketing FAQs for Social Impact: Mentor Chat with Jessica Vodlika and Amu Fowler

In this interview, Amu Fowler Founding Partner at Startups Ignite | A social impact accelerator interviews program mentor Jessica Vodlika, the Founder and COO of KBF Marketing, who discusses her work in social impact, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), as well as her role in coordinating innovation pitch competitions. She emphasizes the importance of marketing with a specific target audience in mind, rather than trying to appeal to a broad market. Jessica advises startups to focus on customer discovery, engaging in in-person interactions to understand the needs and pain points of their audience. She highlights the significance of clear communication and using language that is easily understandable, particularly when addressing social impact. Jessica also stresses the need for a strong online presence, including a website and valuable content, to enhance credibility and reach a wider audience. The interview concludes with both participants expressing excitement about the future collaboration.

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