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Focus and Market Alignment: Mentor Chats Lokesh Kumar and Amu Fowler

Updated: Jun 30

In this Mentor Chat, hosted by Amu Fowler Founder of Startups Ignite a Social Impact Accelerator, Lokesh Kumar an experienced entrepreneur, mentor, and investor shares his wisdom on pivotal startup issues. Lokesh places great emphasis on a startup's need to stay focused, identify the use case that delivers the most value, and hone it, rather than trying to cater to multiple applications simultaneously. He advocates for startups to clearly define their customer profile and deeply understand the problem they're solving, despite the challenges in narrowing down their Total Addressable Market (TAM).

Lokesh advises startups to initially target smaller clients facing similar problems as a strategy to build credibility. He highlights the importance of understanding the risk taken by the individual advocating for the initial sale within the client organization. Lokesh concludes by expressing excitement for startups with significant human impact and those already demonstrating hustle and initiative. Particularly, he admires startups that can solve a problem and satisfy customers without necessarily building a product right away, underscoring the rapid pace of today's technology development.


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