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Digital Health & Experiential Technology Cohort of 2019

Announcing the Winter/Spring Cohort Startups Accelerating high-growth potential technology startup teams.

We are excited to announce upcoming graduation of the Digital Health and Experiential Technology participants in our Winter/Spring Cohort. These startups were selected from a pool of over 150 applicants.

The accelerator program is a mentorship-driven 90 day global accelerator with this cohort being conducted in Rockville, MD yet accelerating startups from many geographies. Throughout the program, startup teams not only learn battle-tested best practices and tried and proven methodologies to build scalable and defensible success, they test those in market, and are held to rigorous deliverables and metrics. They work hands on with venture mentors, peers, and accelerator leadership to define strategies, test them, and iterate on their business models, practicing the mindset of market over product.

Managing Director Amu Fowler says: “This cohort of startups is exciting to be working with. These are diverse set of teams who are moving fast and forward in launching meaningful ventures. Although mainly concentrated in the DMV area, we also have teams from all over the world. Having Digital Health and Experiential Technology startups in tandem in a single cohort was a good pilot as we look at verticalizing our accelerators, and helping startups to launch products and services with a global strategy.”

Meet the startup teams

PediaMetrix - Maryland, USA PediaMetrix enables at-home AI driven assessment and treatment of head malformations in young infants @PediaMetrix

ResEssential - VA, United States ResEssential provides brands access to consumers at home through curated resident programming and experiences. @resessential

Citiskopes - MD, USA Citiskopes helps local events and cities engage and re-engage millennials to increase sales and brand recognition through immersive technology providing users unique and hyper-local enriching experiences. @citiskopes

Easymove - IL, USA Easymove is a marketplace for on-demand local, reliable, low-cost full-service moving and delivery help for consumers, and a workforce for moving companies. @geteasymove

SkyKandy - Washington DC, US SkyKandy provides a mobile platform where pilots can connect and do what they love by renting locally owned aircrafts.

Mondosol - Norway, Europe Reforming properties to provide authentic, enriching, and quality experiences for vacation travelers, and help owners increase value of their investments. @mondosol

Viv - Washington DC, USA Viv ships to small businesses all the elements needed to enjoy their own sustainable attractive workplace. @vivspaces

TipBoxMe - Virginia, USA At Tipboxme, we are digitizing loose change - making it easy to give and receive tips through a simple swipe on your phone. @tipboxme

Healing Playbook - Washington, D.C. USA Healing playbook will deliver your roadmap to recovery through on-going collaboration between patient and providers.

Startups Ignite - We help startup beat the odds, and accelerate what matters.

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