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Demo Day: From a dating app to business communications.

This demo day showcases a diverse set of startups, solving various problems in different categories.

Just graduated from our Summer Cohort - It's our privilege to showcase the 5 amazing teams who have made tremendous progress in the last 3 months.

Demo Day is on the 16th of October in DC.

RSVP here to meet them.


Providing a platform that decreases wait times, and simplifies ordering for restaurants and bars.

With the mantra of Serve Better. Serve Faster. Serve Experience. Blackbook is live in venues in DC, has a fast growing user base and is ready to scale and expand further in the night scene in DC, with a near future vision to penetrate NYC.


Providing a private communication network for intercompany and intracompany communications.

With a mission to simplify communications to maximize networks and group productivity, Gravatate has validated their business model with paying customers, and has a fast growing user base. This Reston based startup is ready to scale and elevate their product to the next level.


Providing a platform that streamlines and bundles student travel.

This trio has a mission to make travel abroad for students cheaper, safer, connected, and overall a better experience. With some strong partnerships and initial traction in play, this team based out of Arlington is ready to go to market.


Providing a platform for college students to build a profile and a reputation for employers.

With a passion and dedication to helping students land their dream careers, they have proved some strong initial traction with student users. This Fairfax startup is ready to ramp up customer acquisition, prove out the business model, and hit the ground running.


Providing a platform for individuals planning an outing to find the perfect destination based on criteria they select.

On a mission to help daters plan their perfect outing, CreativeDates is live in Baltimore, has strong market interest from both users and vendors and are proving out their concept with their MVP, with the initial vision to dominate the Baltimore dating scene.

Accelerate24 helps founders validate their concepts through innovation experiments and rapid market testing. Celebrate their progress with us, and invest in their success.

Join us for Demo Day.

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