Tricia Ratliff

Tricia Ratliff

Chief Innovation Officer

Scaled Markets

I started my first company shortly before my 18th birthday and enjoys helping other new entrepreneurs. As Chief Innovation Officer with Scaled Markets I foster innovation in software product development, business strategy and shapes the culture. I plays a key leadership role executing on Agile / DevOps engineering and digital innovation initiatives. I am a lifetime learner who shares practical common-sense thinking.

(703) 593-6444

a little about me

I am currently executive at DevOps software company
I have experience of 15 years of Agile and new product coaching experience
I am partnered in online ID theft identification startup and I founded and ran sharing economy startup



I developed software MVP's and closed initial customers for multiple startups
and taught Agile/DevOps value, principles and practices to hundreds of people over 15 years.
I built and managed corporate "Learning Institute" and other learning programs
Also designed and lead successful mentor/protege programs

my why

The opportunity to contribute to the startup ecosystem and foster innovation in our region by supporting entrepreneurs.


Spring Cohort 2018


Lead Mentor