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Sandy Vasan

Sandy Vasan

Managing Director

Innovation Partners

I'm currently providing advisory services to create products, enhance customer experience, evaluate project feasibility and inspire talent.

(301) 325-0626

a little about me

I have been working with Start-ups for over 10 years in multiple capacities. I mentored Squidd London while at Deutsche Bank in London, on strategic planning. brand development, and setting up international business operations. Recently I worked on a couple of projects for clean tech and impact investing startups on crowdfunding, brand & marketing.



I developed brand positioning, strategy & launched integrated campaigns for IBM, Deutsche Bank, REL, NCARB & ByFusion to stay competitive, reach new geographic markets, and, create new business revenue. I delivered a global employer brand, recruitment, CSR, and D&I campaign for Deutsche Bank resulting in 25% increase in attendance and engagement in the US, UK, AP, India, China and Singapore. I led digital transformation projects to optimize customer learning, collaboration, operational efficiencies and performance. Implemented; A) Analytical platforms (Google+, Tableau), B) Research tools (Personas, UX, Observation), C) Collaboration, Automation & E-mail Management tools (Basecamp, Yammer, Jira, Marcom Central, Emma), and D) Design Thinking & Agile to improve ideation and work flows between internal teams. In Economics, I Provided market assessments, pricing evaluations, revenue projections and go-to market strategies for IBM, and, Estee Lauder, Flexirent & Campina (MBA Projects). Performed cost benefit analysis to evaluate resource allocation (Deutsche Bank & NCARB).

my why

I like the energy and results-driven mentatlity at start-ups. Sharing my expertise within Startups Ignite allows me to give back to the local commnuity and also learn from them.


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