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Ray Piluso

Ray Piluso


QualBlazer, LLC

I am a performance-driven professional with comprehensive experience across Finance, Operations, Safety, Audit and Compliance disciplines. Recognized for ability to incorporate innovative management techniques resulting in enhanced business practices, increased revenue, profits and productivity. Proven success leading and motivating corporate teams to create the highest levels of efficiency and productivity.

a little about me

Drawing on lessons across a broad range of businesses from startups, to micro-caps, and large multi-national businesses, I bring knowledge in all facets of start-up growth, from concept through initial public offering. Expert in building productive team relationships both internally and with vendor & partner alliances for operations and growth.



my why

Led cross-functional teams that collaborated as a focused unit to achieve aggressive business goals and drive the evolution of concepts into achievable business strategies.
Able to drive revenue by effectively managing general operations and delivery processes with close attention to budgets, schedule, customer specifications, and quality.
Identified and capitalized on new growth opportunities through market analysis, product / brand development, and keen business instincts.
Developed and implemented strategies to increase corporate market share and profitability.
Expert in building productive team relationships both internal and with partner alliances.


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