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Mike Olex

Mike Olex


MBO Services

I am a business savvy technical manager who thrives in a dynamic and challenging environment. My education includes BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and an MBA. Previous companies include Perseptive Biosystems, BioTrove, and RainDance Technologies for which I contributed to thier growth and initial public offering or acquisition.

(781) 835-9284

a little about me

My experience includes developing and manufacturing instrumentation, consumables and reagents for life science and medical diagnostic applications as well as industrial systems. I have commercialized scientific, clinical, and industrial instrumentation at early stage companies. These entrepreneurial companies include RainDance Technologies, BioTrove, US Genomics and Perseptive Biosystems. In these organizations I have directed engineering, manufacturing, and administrative departments. I have assisted in the companies' growth from 20 person, series A funded entities through their initial public offering or acquisition.



My expertise includes: • Multidisciplinary product development and launch • Instrumentation, consumable and reagent manufacturing • Corporate strategy and supporting policies and procedures • Recruiting and developing employees at all levels.

my why

I enjoy sharing my expertise with entrepreneurs attempting to launch thier ideas. Hearing the many product ideas developed by Startups Ignite's clients and making contributions to thier commercialization helps keep me professionally active. I hope to be able to say that I played a minor role in helping an idea become a company.


Spring Cohort 2018


Supporting Mentor

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