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Lokesh Kumar

Lokesh Kumar

CoFounder & VP of tech

I have been in technology industry for over 25 years, and have learned lots of battle scars over the years. I cofounded Inc with others nearly 4 years back, which is second incarnation of the earlier work I did for NowNNear Inc. At, I am responsible for technology strategy and execution.

Prior to, I worked for various corporations, including Comcast / Verisign, and cofounded FamilyArmor. Most of my career has been with smaller companies or startups - Pervacio, PubScholar, Wireless Matrix etc.

a little about me

CoFounder & VP Engineering - Inc
- Focused on technology strategy in alignment with business.
- Over 25 years building and running technology teams
- Technology strategy



If I can help and give back, that would be reward enough, building from ground up is tough, and the joy of seeing other people succeed through your mentorship and experience is rewarding

my why

Startups are inherently risky and take a lot of mental and physical toll, when things are not going the way they were intended, and they never do. I think sharing my experiences with budding startup founders and helping with strategy is giving back to the community that has helped my team reach where we are.


Spring Cohort 2018

Place Tempo

Support Mentor

Spring Cohort 2018


Lead Mentor

Spring Cohort 2018

Integral Mind

Lead Mentor

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