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Larry Cynkins

Larry Cynkins

Consulting CTO


I am a founder of GreenBar and a serial entrepreneur who has been CTO or VP Engineering at five startups.

(202) 505-9796

a little about me

I have worked in software development in nine startups (recidivist/masochist!), taking a CTO or head of technology role in five of them, most recently a founding CTO. Two of the startups were bought. I've also made a couple of angel investments.



I took the software project from the original Powerpoint proposal (which I wrote) through a successful launch to 3+ million hits/day. I am winner of MacWorld Magazine Editor’s Choice award for cross-platform search application.
I gave U.S. patent 8,438,622 for Methods and Apparatus for Authorizing Access to Data. My large company experience includes AOL in its heyday, where I was responsible for search applications including then-ubiquitous AOL Keywords, and Comcast Labs, where I launched Xfinity's first personalized TV browsing capability.

my why

I've been in enough startup situations now, at varying levels of success and failure, that I feel I can truly have a positive impact on newly emerging startups. Plus, startups are fun and stimulating.


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