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Joshua Stacy

Joshua Stacy


Affordable Marketing Lists

As the progression of my career has gone I'm now looking to help other folks build their startups through mentoring and/or investing.

a little about me

In high school I built websites for local businesses. During the summer before college I built a locally based website where I sold advertising to businesses in the area so college students could find deals on food and entertainment. I got about 50 companies on board and while I thought it was a failure and let it fizzle out, looking back it really had legs and it's a shame I let it die.



After dropping out of college I got into selling insurance which I did for a few years until changes in legislation made it illegal to sell Medicare Advantage products using the marketing techniques I had relied on which were mostly outbound marketing. During the course of my outbound marketing I became very familiar with the marketing list world and started reselling them on the side. Eventually that turned into my list business which has exploded over the last few years and now I have thousands of customers.

my why

I'd like to be involved in helping folks build their dreams. A part of that is making sure they're not chasing foolish ideas, but a lot of it is around building a plan that makes sense. I didn't have much direction at all while I was building my empire and if I can help save folks get their business moving I would find that satisfying. As an accredited investor I'm also interested in finding new deals.


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