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Jonathan Altman

Jonathan Altman

Tech Fellows Program

Capital One

I am currently a Technical Fellow at Capital One. I value the insights I had gleaned from my experience in organizations spanning many industries, sizes, maturities, and growth rates.


a little about me

Having been an early member of a startup with a successful exit (actually, 2 liquidity events given SAP\'s acquisition of Concur), having learned from my own startup, and having talked to multiple entrepreneurs about opportunities, I have learned a great deal about strategies for improving the odds of success for a startup while making the venture attractive to raising capital and preserving founders\' and employees\' equity positions.



I spent 4 years running my own software development shop after 12 years as an engineer and architect at Outtask and, post-acquisition, Concur. I have also worked in government contracting and academia.
I have a lot of expertise and experience in;
Building PCI-compliant multi-tenant SaaS solutions
Software development/deployment on AWS
Engineering software that is lean enough for startups but can scale to high volume
Business development strategy for tech startups

my why

I love helping startups grow, I have the experience, and want to give back.


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