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Demetrios Sapounas

Demetrios Sapounas

Technologist, Strategist, Innovator


I am a creative and resourceful leader specializing in operations and technology management. I am an experienced executive, technologist and entrepreneur with strong vision and proven execution creating and bringing innovative solutions to market, building global, cross-functional, high performance teams, and managing in fast-paced environments.


a little about me

I have been working with startups for over 15 years. I have gone through mergers, acquisitions and an IPO, plus couple of failures. Since 2011, I've been working with one startup in the social media space, Roll Random. Initially I was an advisor, and now I am engaged both as an advisor and mentor. When I started working with them, they were two founders, developing the product offshore. After a number of misses, I worked with them through the process of bringing development in-house, hiring a CTO, and re-platforming the product to allow for scalability, performance and flexibility.



I defined and developed a new software product resulting in shorter sales cycle (30-50%) reduction,
I have mentored number of entrepreneurs, developed strategic plans and helped companies grow,
I am an authored winning proposals to competitive RFPs and generated new revenues (>$4M), I work as an Interface between clients and sales helping grow close new business (>$3M), I scaled and managed corporate and data center infrastructures to support 200% growth.

my why

I like working with entrepreneurs and I have been mentoring start-ups for a number of years. I enjoy it. I'd like to help start-ups grow and be successful.


Spring Cohort 2018

Integral Mind

Lead Mentor

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