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Saturdays at 10AM

Virtual Meet #14: July 25th

Stories That Stick Pt.II

They say stories are the currency of life. Since the dawn of humanity we have been using stories to share information. We talk in stories, and we remember via stories.


Stories are what amplify your message, join this series to uncover the story for your startup, and learn to master your narrative & delivery.

Virtual Meet #15: August 8th

Pitch for Resources Day

Recruit team members (Advisors, Boards, Co-founder, Sweat Equity Resources, Mentors) for your startup. [3 minute pitch]

When pitching your startup be sure to include: What type of engagement you are looking for (Board/Advisor/Co-founder/Tactical/Mentor/Volunteer), and the stage of your company, the goal you are pursuing, your vision, and your offer to the resource and duration of engagement. We will matchmake requests live at the session! 

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By the Community. For the Community.

Startups Ignite spun up the Virtual Meets as part of our crisis response to keep the community informed, connected and supported.

It has taken a life of its own with Alumni, Mentors, and Volunteers taking charge. The community is showing through action that we are #inthistogether.

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