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" What growth metrics should I be measuring that's important to investors " 

" Can I get funded as a solo founder startup " 

"How do I valuate my startup"

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Daniel Reese

I apply my Phd research around funding teams and my consulting toolkit built at McKinsey to corporate but also private business building as well as angel investing. In many of those ventures I build at McKinsey, I operate in C-level roles, allowing me to build a CEO-perspectives on various ventures. My passion lays in empowering teams and companies and support them operationally, monetarily, or linking them to my strong network in industry tech.

Khaled Farhang

Entrepreneur with experience in multiple disciplines of business activities. I have started a tech company and just recently - 1 year ago - exited the company as it was acquired by a private equity firm. My passion is to understand the energy that drives startup entrepreneurs and help them achieve their goals by streamlining operations and enhancing their sales and marketing initiatives.

Patrick Widmann

A Human Learning Agent, working on the edge of corporate and startup environments. My mission is to inspire and help individuals to accelerate in their private and professional life. I believe in learning through fast action as the major factor for growth.